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Big Bad Wolf: Card 6

Cannot sleep, muscles hurt again, heart bounces like a idiot. It was a long day. Don’t know if posting now really helps, but staying in bed neither.

I have pulled the sixth card in the Big Bad Wolf spread. The question is: “Who can aid me against the Big Bad Wolf?” 


The card I have received is again a Pentacle, the fourth one in this spread showing that solid ground, what you can see, hear and feel is very important for defeating the wolf. The card that I pulled is Four of Pentacles. 

The traditional interpretation of Four of Pentacles is fairly negative: holding onto what you have, not wanting to share. It is the women’s movement that made this card and its interpretation different, seeing the value of setting boundaries, keeping yourself firmly grounded, making safe places for yourself and value yourself and what you have gained through the years. 


This interpretation rings true for me here, although the picture of the version from the Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights that I have drawn here does not show that as clearly as on the RWS version. What will help me against the wolf is keeping myself to myself, in the sense of not giving my power away, trusting that I can handle it. All the while valuing all the pentacles (of worth, self-worth and wisdom) that I have gained through the years.

The picture on the version of Four of Pentacles that I have pulled today does not show all these Pentacles, shows a shallow pool that shines like a sun. The suggestion is that there are all riches in there. This again is worth, self-worth and wisdom that I have attained. These are shining as the sun. The card suggest me here: “Look what you have gained through the years, you have attained the instruments to handle this! These will add you against the Big Bad Wolf. Oh yes, cannot deny there is still this little vulnerable page in there, which makes things rather difficult and scar, but there is more in you than this child. Your sun – your self will shine the wolf away.”

Interesting is that this card gives again another interpretation of water than the first card and the second card. On the first card, Six of Swords, that represented the Big Bad Wolf, the water scared me, I suspected sea-monsters in it, fears and angst. On the second card, Two of Pentacles, that showed me that my fear was paranoia, the water was a friendly river that was easy to cross. On this card the water seems full of riches, because it shines like gold. In that way the card gives me another view of the feeling side of life which can help me. It suggests me to look at the positive feelings, to look to “the bright side of life”. I tend to see disasters all around me, which is a rather destructive attitude. 

Summing up, who can aid me against the Big Bad Wolf? Keeping myself to myself, trusting that I can handle it myself. Valuing my wisdom and myself as the ‘golden sun’ (the pool on the card) and focusing on the bright side of life, the positive, instead of the disasters.
Tags: fairy tale spread, four of pentacles, rws, spread: big bad wolf, tarot of the thousand and one nights

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