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A Broken Heart or a Blessing, and Ducklings

I am at loss what to journal on abut. I could do “The Broken Heart” spread by Christine Jette, the following up of “Picture the Pain” spread. The other choice I have is “Blessing of the Day”, but in some odd way that reminds me of the “disgusting substance of the day”, about which urbpanwrites each day; often behind a cut, because the substance can be really disgusting, involving for instance the sticky substance on his hand that came out mealworms with chopped-off-heads. He balances this out by posting wonderful pictures or videos, like these about ducklings. (In the second video you can actually hear the little widdle feet of the ducklings tapping fast on the floor, really sweet).

So, what to do now? I do not know.

I think I just start with card one of the Broken Heart Spread. I will be using the Romantic Victorian Tarot again, because I have used it for the first spread. 

But then, I could also do the Ugly Duckling Spread.   
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