ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Self-love, I Forgot Self-love

Self-love, I did not put in self-love as one of the meanings of the card in position 1 of the Broken Heart Spread that I started to do yesterday. Quite important, selflove. Here, as the Heart of Darkness, the name of the position of this card I must read it read as 'lack of self-love' obviously. 


On this card that gets a particular slant because a blonde woman meets a black haired man. By this the card gets a bit of the Two of Cups on which traditionally a man meets a woman, meaning -among other things- that opposites come together, which is healing process. So for me there is something in this Ace of Cups as the need to meet an opposite or a shadow.
Tags: ace of cups, christine jette, health, spread: broken heart, victorian romantic tarot
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