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Broken Heart: Card 3

It took me a while to get the meaning of the card that I have pulled for position three from the Broken Heart spread. The question was: What emotions are problematic? The card that I have drawn as a response to this question is Eight of Wands. 


On this card Herculus is hunting down something. He is running fast. Illness and limitations give me the disappointment of hunting and running in vain, for nothing; something which makes me very angry.

And on a very material plane, just by looking at the picture, I cannot run, I hate that, and besides that I cannot walk on hills. That is a nuisance when planning holidays. Not that I cannot live without that, of course I can, but it is a pity I am not able to do that.
Tags: christine jette, eight of wands, health, spread: broken heart, victorian romantic tarot

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