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Working with the Fairytale Tarot means combining  the (classical) meaning of the tarot-card, the fairytale, and the picture on the card; not always easy.

Today I pulled a card with the question: "Who I am I today?" My card was: The Moon, titled "The Nixy".

The classical meaning of The Moon is fear, being under the spell of illusion, and coming to terms with the past. For me today two of the meanings are relevant: fear and illusion. I am having more pain than usual in my arms today. I typed too much, extending my boundaries.  I was (not for the first time) under the spell of the  illusion that all was ok. My fear is that this pain stays. Fortunately, this can be an illusion as well.

The fairytale is about a man who is kidnapped by a nixie. She takes him with her down under the water. He is married and his wife tries desperately to get her husband back. You see her on the card sitting at the bank of the river, spinning on a golden spinning wheel, as a means to retrieve him from the water. I am today as the wife. I  tried very hard to relax my arms today in all sorts of ways, in an attempt to ease the pain.

On the picture it is me spinning, trying to get my arms back in order. In the back of the card is a house, which is dark and closed. I cannot go inside. The house represents my hopes and wishes, wanting to reach further than is possible, which is impossible. 

All and all, this card is 'me'  today: afraid, trying to get back into reality, reigning in my dreams, spinning back healthy arms. 

You can read the story here:

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