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Midsummer's Dream: Card 1

In six days it will be Midsummer. Today I have started doing a spread called: “Midsummer’s Dream.” Again it is a spread by Christine Jette. This time from her book “Tarot for All Seasons.”

It is an extremely busy day today. My mother comes to camp here in the neighbourhood; we have dinner together and after that I must hurry to be in time for reading at a party of a friend of mine.

The first position in the spread is: "Freedom and Liberation". The question that belongs to it is: “What will set my spirit free?” “What keeps me from my heart’s desire?”

I have used the Tarot of Jane Austen to delve into this question made by chelsearoad.  The card that I have received is: Three of Teacups (Three of Cups). 

Three friends are singing together on the piano. It is not the first time that I pulled this card (the tarot is helping me because I am so busy, I do not have to scan it in). Today I see it as a card of energy. Energy flows through their voices and circles round. It is joy and fun and light. There is no stuffy room anymore, no tedious velvet curtains, only pure en lovely voices mingling together. Thus: contacts between friends, working and enjoying together, sets my spirit free.
Tags: christine jette, spread: midsummer's dream, summer solstice, tarot of jane austen, three of cups
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