Lady of the Moor

Musings on Life on the Moor using Tarot

8 September 1959
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Hello, I am Dutch, and I live up north in my country, in Friesland. It's a region of lakes, meadows and sailbotes. The city I live in is Heerenveen, "Lords of the Moor" in English. I am a theologian, working with tarot. Why tarot? A long time ago, I was writing a Phd-thesis (about Derrida and homiletics) and got RSI, hurting hands and arms from typing on the computer. It was not possible to finish the thesis. Therefore I began working with the tarot, the beautiful pictures comforted me.In addition to that, reading for people is done without a computer. Now, I teach the tarot, counsel, and write about it for the Dutch "Tarotmagazine" (by hand! A really nice editor types it). I will be brief in my blog, because of the typing, and maybe I can seldom write in it, but I like having one.