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Lent, Thursday, Second Week

The question for Thursday is “Who or what calls me to life?” It is inspired by words of Jesus in John saying: “Most assuredly, I tell you, the hour comes, and now is, when the dead will hear the Son of God’s voice; and those who hear will live.” (Obviously our Judgement Card)

I have pulled Eight of Swords from the Transformational Tarot. 


I am lying in an awful place, in an uncomfortable manner, on rocks, or on something that is hard. I really should rise up and walk. It is not healthy to stay in this unfruitful place. Still, there is nothing that calls me. I do not see in the card something that calls me to life. That is the difficulty of the Eight of Swords, it looks if nothing can be done.

I need to do it myself, by realizing that, although I am used to this situation, it is not a good place to be in.
bird with letter

Seven Caers, Card 2, Childhood

The second card of the reading of the Seven Caers represents the joy of my childhood: what I need to regain again. I have pulled Sword Eight from the Arthurian Tarot, a swamp, smelling water, no firm ground to stand on. Themes of this card are stagnation and imprisonment. I do not think I really understand its message.


What I do get out of it is that I need to regain joyfulness, a well of fresh water to drink from. 

For the second day I have pulled a card that refers to stagnation.        

Twelve Days of Christmas, Eleventh Day, Eve of Epiphany

The evening of January 5 is a time of mysteries. It is the Eve of Epiphany in The Twelve Days, one of those nights when heaven meets earth. It is the night on which the Three Kings, after following a star for a long, long time, came to the stable and recognized him Jesus as a divine child, bearing the hope of heaven and earth.
Epiphany means heavenly revelation or divine apparition. In an epiphany you become aware of something that you did not know before, or was only half aware of. An epiphany comes from the divine and the message is always something of importance for the one who receives it; it shows him or her a way to go.
The spread that belongs to this day is called “Epiphany Spread”. It is inspired by a spread by Edain McCoy, from her book Past Life and Karmic Tarot. The kernel of this spread is a Epiphany, a divine revelation; a message from heaven. The spread consists of eight cards. The first three cards are showing the events or behavioral patterns that lead to the epiphany. Card 4 shows the epiphany itself. Card 5, 6 and 7 show what you will do with the message you have received in the epiphany, the image that you have seen in it. Card 8 shows the end result.

Epiphany Spread
4 8

At first I had only pulled my epiphany card, but I was so surprised about the card, that I pulled card 1, 2 and 3 as well. The card that I received as epiphany was Seven of Swords from the Inner Child Cards. 


On the card a little boy looks out of the window, while writing. It is a card of detachment, a wandering of the mind and making plans. I was surprised because the next season of lessons and workshop begins; it is not really the time to detach, let the mind run frealy, or just write in my blog. But seeing the first three cards, knowing my numerological card of the year, the Hermit, looking back on the past months, and forward to the next, it would be utterly lovely just to sit, let my mind wander, and do some writing, not feeling so much pressure.

The first three cards that showed the events and behavior patterns that led up to the Epiphany were: Guardian of Hearts (King of Cups), a card of intense emotion. 


Guide of Wands is card 2, this card shows me teaching as the pied piper, an outward going energy. 


Card 3 is Eight of Swords, a card that shows my fears, tension and worries. 


So yes, these cards do make clear that I need some detachment (with a positive outlook). Still, busy weeks ahead! 

The epiphany might also reveal, as a second message.. "Do not worry, just enjoy your preparation of the coming months." I am worried about not having enough time. 
rain on window

Saint Pius (1835-1914): Routine Again

Yesterday I asked what it meant for my blog to have a routine in my journal, because the Saint of the day, St. Pius encouraged reading of the Script as a routine. 


My routine is that of reading one card each day. Two of Pentacles was the card I received as an answer, and I interpreted the card in a positive way. Today I looked at the negative aspects of the my rhythm, asking: “What are the disadvantages of having my routine of a reading a card each day?” Unexpectedly two cards came up: Eight of Swords and King of Wands from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. 


I feel fenced in, like the goat on Eight of Swords, restrained by the routine of journaling everyday, not even daring to long for something else, but sad and without energy. Blogging prohibits me to do something else, and often it gets late. I almost never sit on the couch and watch television with my husband any more. I was used to that but coming back to the routine of my journal again from my holiday, it feels just like that: fenced in. 


The King of Wands shows me my slavery to own enthusiasm. A part of me -the King on the card- is enthusiast, feels as if being on top of the world, just as the grasshopper yesterday dancing lightly on its rope, but another part in me feels like an obedient slave to the fierce rhythm and the enthusiasm of the King.

So all in all, yesterdays' card showed the advantage of the rythm in my journal. The routine helps me to rise up above the heaviness of the day. The card of today tells me the main disadvantage of my routine, I feel restrained through it, pushed forward and fenced in.
by Tangerine icons, Amanda Hall

Midsummer's Dream: Summary

Doing a spread in five days, pulling one card each day makes me focus on the individual cards so much that I tend to forget the whole. Therefore I look back now; I summarize and jot new insights down from the cards that I have pulled in my journey during the past five days.

The whole spread revolves around ones “Heart desire”, which is card 1 of the spread. I pulled Three of Teacups (Cups) for this desire using the Tarot of Jane Austen. My desire is to have more fun and joy in my life. Card 2, which shows the future of this desire, Eight of Quills, and Card 3, which shows a blockage, Seven of Teacups, told me that it is hard for me to really feel this desire and fully understand what is fun and joy in my life. It took me a few days to really feel and understand the extent to which I lack it and how I need it in my life. It appeared that I was setting up a delusional world for my wish and have trouble accessing it (Eight of Quills and Seven of Teacups). 
The Emperor and Ten of Candlesticks (Ann Alliot), card 4 and 5, showed me that I have a strong moral code, which makes it hard to feel fun and joy, and to go for it. I also looked into my resistance to the Three of Cups card: I judge it as superficial and ‘over the top’. This showed my strong moral code as well. 


The last card that I pulled was Eight of Coins (again Anne Elliot), which showed the outcome of my psychic development. I saw this card as a mixed blessing: at the one hand, I will be confident, be able to do many things effortless, and on the other hand I will be probably working hard, which might make enjoying difficult. 

All in all, my heart desire is not an easy thing to obtain.

Midsummer's Dream: Card 2

I have pulled Eight of Quills (Eight of Swords) from the Tarot of Jane Austen as the second card of the Midsummer’s Dream Spread. The position is called: "Future Trends of Freedom and Liberation". The question was: “Do you obtain your heart’s desire or are your setting up the wrong life?” 


I am under the influence of some sort delusional thought, which makes that I am setting up the wrong life. Pictured on the card are sensitive Edmund Bertram and Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park. Mary is not a nice person at all, but Edmund is under the illusion she is. 

I am in not really setting up the wrong life, but I had plans to change something which is work-related, but today, walking through Amsterdam I came back from that. I thought it was such not a good plan as I thought beforehand.

Probably the card reflects that issue, backing me up on it. But I am not sure. That is what illusion is about is not it? Maybe it says: “Gosh, how delusional of you to abandon your plan!”

I always go to Livejournal by pearlswine. It is a link on my Google page. I had written my post and was going to Livejournal to post it, but first I read their post of today; the theme of today was delusion. Very funny.
dancing around a tree by anandi


Yesterday it was the eve of Beltane, a festival celebrating Spring. The trees are soft-green in the sun right now. The chestnut next door is flowering, the Judas tree in our garden is blossoming (we have partly a biblical garden) and the dark pink hawthorn is a joy to look at. And today we put up the trampoline in the garden. My daughter and her friend jumped on it all afternoon.

Time for a Beltane-spread. I used a spread from Christine Jette (Tarot for All Seasons), called the “May Queen”. It consisted of five cards, spread out in the form of a May-crown.

One card I did not understand. The card was positioned between beautiful cards on top of the crown in the middle as the eye catcher of the spread. It’s position was called “Regeneration”. I used the Arthurian Tarot and the card I got in the position of regeneration was: Sword Eight. 


I felt myself walking heavily trough the swamp on the card, feeling my burning feel and my sore hamstrings. I wanted to reach the path down under the green hills. Not that it looked inviting, not at all, but better than the smelly swamp. But I knew I was not be able to reach that through the swamp with my hamstrings, and it was as if I would drown if I walked on. 

I felt the meaning of the card, but I did not understood it. Until I made the link with the RWS version of the card, the bounded woman between swords, I did not knew what the card was telling me. But the moment I connected the two cards, I did knew. The swamp tells me that I am held tight in the unfruitful position that I cannot regenerate, that nothing in my body will become ever really better. It is based on experience, my body takes slow to heal, and many of my complaints are chronically. But still, this is certainly not a helpful attitude. 

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Tuesday after Sunday Advent 2, Isaiah 14:3-6

The text for today, suggested by the old Roman Breviary, is Isaiah 14:3-6. This text speaks of the end of days, of the moment that Adonai will come and give us rest from sorrow, trouble and from the hard work we do. This is the day, Ishaiah says, that the oppressor will have lost his power. In his words: “How the oppressor has ceased! The golden city has ceased!” 


One question that immediately welled up in me was: “When will this day come?” This is the question I have chosen for today. Just like the other days of Advent I have answered it with the help of a tarot card. I have pulled my card from the Tarot of a Moon Garden and the card I have drawn is Eight of Swords. 


The centre of this card is woman. She is surrounded by (dragonfly-)swords and holds her hands before her face. She does not dare to look and see.

It is me who is standing there. The first thing this card challenges me to do, to pull my hands away from my face and to see what surrounds me: all these swords. Those swords are my fears, for these enclose me time after time again. I stand there in my golden city, enclosed by my shining, but hard dragonfly-swords, surrounded by angst. Daring to look at those fears and see them face to face will help me to let go of them.

On another level this card rings true as well. Again it is me standing there in the middle of the swords with my hands before my face. There is poverty and injustice in my own country and in many other parts of the world. It is me who closes my eyes to that. Knowing and being aware of the poverty and injustice and of the fact that I live at the expenses of other peoples lives, makes me feel powerless. Closing my eyes to that is a way to evade that powerless feeling. But the only thing that helps is opening my eyes to the poverty and injustice. Then maybe I will be open for the little things I can do. So, to this as well, I need to open my eyes.

Advent is a time of longing. But it is also a time of trailblazing, of preparation, because the Messiah cannot do it on his own. 

Painting: Christ appearing to the people (The Coming of Christ) by Alexander Ivanox. 
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


It is Halloween, the day which is exactly between the summer and the winter solstice. Tradition says that on this day the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thin . True or not, on this day the Celts made contact with their dead. Many pagan and Wicca groups use this day to remember their dead, influenced by the Celts. In their traditions this day is not called Halloween, but Samhain

I’ve pulled a card today in order to remember my ancestors. I have chosen one of them, one of my grandmothers, and I have asked myself how she shaped (influenced) my life.

The Arthurian Tarot is the deck I have used, and I have pulled two cards, by accident. I just held them in my hand. They were: sword eight and grail two. 


Sometimes I am too loyal. At that times I am ‘blind’ for dependencies and for my own wishes in relationships. 

This is depicted by the card with the two birds (grail two), as seen from the other card, sword eight, stagnation. The water stagnates on that card, it does not move. In fact, I thought (and hoped) that I had tackled this problem, but I have not. This issue is a life theme for me I am afraid. And yes, I can trace the reasons for it back to my roots.

What this influence of my grandmother teaches me, is that in these situations I must draw that sword that stands besides the pond, and do whatever is best… for me (and those last two words are the venom here, that is what is so hard).


The beginning of the Autumn, the beginning of September, took me by surprise. The schools started today, everybody is back from their summer-holiday, and last but not least, some leaves seem to be colored already. Summer is over, and I do not like it.

In order to adjust myself to the new season I'll put a question about the Autumn to the cards.

I choose a question about the 'autumn-storms' for today, for I was terribly shaken by the storm at the psychic fair I was yesterday, and in Holland storms belong to the Autumn.

Storm can mean upheaval, being uprooted, chaos and sudden changes. Storms are able to clear away old stuffy things, but also precious valuable ones. A storm can clear the head, or can bring chaos to it. Being in a storm can be a challenge for one's feeling of safety, or an exciting adventure. Yesterday I felt unsafe, insignificant and vulnerable in the face of the storm. In the night that followed, I slept lightly and kept seeing the images of mud, empty, wet market-stands, and blowing plastic sails, that people used to protect themselves from the wind.

Many questions are possible about this storm-theme: "What does storm mean to me?"; "What is the role of storm in my life?"; "What is stuffy, and must be cleared away?" "What precious things, values or feelings are in danger in a storm?";"What needs to be upheaveled in my life?" "Why am I afraid of the storm?"  I choose this question: "What does storm mean to me"? 

I pulled Sword Eight, from the Arthurian Tarot . Eight of Swords means stagnation, circling around in the same old thought-patterns. The picture on the card shows me that I have once decided to stay put with that sword in the ground, allthough I do not like the place; it is saying I am repeating my behavior over and over.

What does this card tell me over the meaning of storm in my life? I do not like storms. Once there fell a tree on our tent during a hurricane while we were inside it; storms shake my basic-security. But, I keep repeating old thought- and behavior-patterns for ever, so sadly enough I need storms to wake and shake me up, in order to start going in a different direction. In my life storm means that I am able to clear my head. Old thought-patterns are blown away, and things are not as they were before.

My attitude to the storm yesterday, feeling insignificant and vulnarable, explains why it is so hard for me to change direction, to do things differently. I feel unsafe then, unprotected.

The storm yesterday blew the summer away (the already stagnant summer, although I did not wanted to know that; I did stay put) and made me aware that Autumn begins.