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mother with baby


Yesterday I pulled the Empress for the question what I can renew the upcoming (moon) month. Today I realized that the caring side of the Empress is more active in me than I thought. 


My daughter has a brace for her jaw, that must be tightened every day with a screw in her mouth (at the palate). It is me that must do the job. A strong lamp and reading glasses are needed to see the little hole for this procedure. Her whole body stiffens, and I feel rotten for it, but we are getting used to it. This afternoon we went shopping for clothes in Groningen, a big city nearby. Yes, the Empress is active.

Abundance is a theme of the Empress too. Not the lack of it, but the fullfilment, lovely. 
new moon

Rosh Chodesh

Today I have pulled a card today for Rosh Chodesh, the Jewish festival of the new moon. I have drawn The Empress from the Jane Austen Tarot. Depicted is Anne Weston, from the book Emma. 


Funny how happy you can be with a card. I like this card, the rest and peacefulness of it. Anne Weston sits in a beautiful, peaceful garden. She is pregnant and she beams happiness.

I pray that I will feel secure and safe this month,
enjoy a feeling of well-being
that I will nurture my loved ones,
and that I will be in contact with the seeds in the ground,
and the sap stream in the trees.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dark Goddess Spread, Card 9, Transformation

I have arrived at the last card of the Dark Goddess spread. I skipped days in my blog because I did not like the spread and found the cards difficult to interpret, so I am glad that this is the last card. This card is the possible future. It shows the gifts of the crone that are still in the dark. 


I pulled many cards while I was in Driebergen, and when I went home, I put the cards that I had drawn back in the pack. The result is that for this position I have pulled a card that was already in the spread. It is the Empress, based on the fairytale about Cinderella. The Empress is a mother card. This card accentuates that the spread revolved mainly around me being a mother of a new teenager and me growing older, coming in new phase of life. One of the reasons that I did not like the spread was that this theme was so prominent. Often I thought…not again…cannot be THAT important…is it? There are other things on my mind!? What the card exactly tells, what the future holds, I do not know, but it has to do with me in the role of mother. 
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Dark Goddess Spread Card 4, Fairy Godmother

Position 4 of the Dark Goddess spread (by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for All Seasons) is called Peacefull Endings. This card is related to the information from card two and three: patience and acceptence. The card shows what to accept and realease in love. My card here is the Empress, shown as the benovelent fairy godmother in the fairytale Cinderella. 


In older versions of this tale the fairy godmother is the dead mother who is watching over her child. This is a card of motherhood, showing me that my role as a mother is changing now my daughter grows older.        
new moon

Rosh Chodesh January, Looking Back on December

Today it is Rosh Chodesh, the Jewish festival that celebrates the emergance of a tiny silvery moon a symbol for God's renewal and our renewal.

Time to look back and to look forward. Yesterday, at Yom Kippur Katan, I reflected on my sin of the past month. Today I take a look at other issues of the past moon month. At Rosh Chodesh in December I’ve picked a card that showed what I could renew this past moon month and I pulled the Empress from the Jane Austen Tarot. 

Depicted is Anne Westwood, a happy married woman who devotes herself to her husband and all people close to her. This was my theme past month. Just as in the earlier months the combination work and home proved difficult. I did my best, as the entry of yesterday showed, but it was not always easy. At one time in the Christmas Season I found myself in the supermarket shouting to my husband: “I want that desert!” I am used to do the shopping alone, but a few times we did it together. His eyed bulged from surprise. It shows that I had to find a new place as Empress. It became better towards the end of the month: a renewal.

Twelve Days of Christmas, Seventh Day, New Years Day

This morning I have lighted a white candle to honor the new year.
The spread of New Years Day in the Twelve Days of Christmas is inspired by the Scottish and Irish custom of First Footing. In those regions the first who sets foot over the threshold tells how the year will be. So who will be setting this first foot is often arranged. Friends are invited to do this. On the first of January we all wish each other luck. By doing that we magically pull luck and happiness towards us. This spread has the same focus

The spread is again, like the spread of December 30, based on the parts of a house. Every part stands for an area in your life. It is basically the same as the spread from December 30, but on this day the question is: what do you want to invite in each room, in all the different areas of your life. When you have pulled and interpret the cards, you can see if there is theme running through them. You can also pull additional cards to get ideas how to make your wishes true.

First Footing Spread
Card 1. Front door: What new do want to invite into your life in this year?
Card 2. Living room: How would you like your home life to be this year?
Card 3. Study: What are your desires in the area of work, study or hobby?
Card 4. Bedroom: What will give you calmness this year?
Card 5. Kitchen: Health: What do you wish for your health this year?
Card 6. Back door: What do you want to let go off this year?
Card 7. Hallways: (connect all the rooms) What would you like to be your main theme of this year?

I have drawn two cards, the first card is Card 1, what new I want to invite in my life. This is represented by the Ace of Crystals (Pentacles). I want to be really proud of what I achieve. And my wish is, that what I achieve is solid as a rock. 


The second card made me laugh. I pulled Mother Goose for the card that signifies what I want to let go off. Mother Goose was the card that I pulled yesterday as the card that represented what was fertile last year, and what will be fertile this year. The card showed the eggs I bring, my projects, lessons, spreads, and workshops: in one word, my creativity. 


There is a slight problem with this card –this is an understatement– the goose is being held so tightly by Mother Goose that it suffocates. Hard to bring eggs while suffocating. The tight grip represents my drive that makes me do all the creative things. That can be quite binding, tiring and stifling. I would gladly loose some of that drive, and instead rest on my spade more often, enjoying the work I have delivered. 

Twelve Days of Christmas, Sixth Day, New Years Eve

The spread in the Twelve Days of Christmas for New Years Eve -today- is inspired by the doughnut-balls we are used to eat in Holland on this day. They are fertility symbols.

In this time of year we do many magical things that are meant to invite fertility in our next year. The theme of this spread is fertility. The spread consists of three cards.
Doughtnut-ball Spread
Card 1: What was fertile in the year that is almost past? (Look at the card you have pulled and put it back in the stack. What was fertile might bear fruit again).
Card 2: What will be fertile next year?
Card 3: How can I enhance this fertility?

And yes...I have pulled the same card for what is was fertile this year and will be in the next: Mother Goose (Empress) from the Inner Child Cards. 


This past year my creativity is what bore fruit. I have brought many eggs to the earth, and that is also the outlook for next year. The Child of Hearts (Page of Cups) is the attitude that enhances my creativity (Card 3). 


The girl looks into the house. I can improve my creativity by looking into myself, by recognizing what my feelings are and taking them seriously. I should pick up projects that I really go for, that I really like, and that touch me somehow. The girl on the card is curious and she seems to have a feeling of awe. It would be helpful to keep a sense of wonder about what tarot is and how it works. To me, nourishing is also a theme of this card: there is a nest with eggs and I can see mother bear, father bear and little bear standing on the path towards their house. Mother Goose holds the goose quite tight. On the card of the Child of Hearts is more openness and less obligation. Less pressure would be great.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Blessing of the Day

I’ve pulled a card for my blessing of the day; the day that is almost lying behind me now. I’ve drawn the Empress from the Voyager Tarot. I have never find her an easy Empress; her arms are not welcoming. Today though I like her. 


I developed a spread today about the angel of December for on my website. It took time to catch the flavor of the month, to streamline it with the angel and to create something with some sense out of that. The ideas did not flow without effort. So I stepped back and made a walk into town to create distance and let my mind wander. Normally I just stress on. I remember now the supervisor of my Ph.D thesis told me to do just that a long time ago. “Take distance!” he said. I found that difficult to do. And If I was pressed for time think I could not have done it today as well, but it was not like that. I had the time. I must say, stepping back and relax worked well! I developed the positions of the spread while walking.

The Empress with her wide open arms -I see them different now, more welcoming- and her rich flowering landscape in which birds are nesting, illustrates the process of stepping back, the joy of having time and a bit of rest in which the ideas could come. This was my blessing of the day. 
pretty lady


One of my birthday presents was this photo of my husband, coen_wessel, collecting paper for the school on a real garbage wagon. My husband always looks forward to doing this, riding on this with this big wagon. 


I journaled about this event, having pulled the Empress that day from the Tarot of Jane Austen, represented by a pregnant Anne Weston from Emma. I told in the entry that I stayed home all morning to see my husband proudly come by. In fact I did not stay home the whole morning. For a moment I was with a friend who lives nearby, telling her how I could not stay long, because my husband would pass.. etc. He had an another route that morning, so in the end I did not see him came by, but he did pass the house of my friend who made the picture and gave it to me as a present. 


Today again I am waiting, now for a radio program -cannot miss that, we programmed the radio already- in which he takes part to give his opinion about the freedom of religion in Holland, which is an issue right now here. 
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Looking Back on the Pregnant Empress

Cannot sleep, so I finished up the course I was preparing. It was a very Empress day; especially an Anne Weston Empress day. I wanted to admire my husband this morning, playing garbage man, on a real garbage wagon collecting paper for the school. (I think Anne Weston would do that) I stayed home for that all morning, so I could see him pass, opened the windos not to miss him, but he was on the another route. Strange garbage-paper men came by.


After that I looked after my daughter who had belly cramps. So my mothertask was on the forefront today The cramps were violent, even asperine did not help enough against the pain. We are always worried when she has such pains, because we were too late with her appendix. Tonight we watched James Bond. Very nice.

And yes, much creativity. And it is finished. 

Back to bed now.